Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hello all! My blog is not completely up and running and still under construction but I feel I must post. My first post will be about what I lovingly call, the eyelash fiasco of 2011. So I have never been a person who wore fake eyelashes. I've weened myself away from fake nails and the only thing left is fake hair (and I'm not giving that up ever!) anywho, I digress. While I was in the nail shop waiting to get my pedicure this lady sits by me and were chatting it up and she tells me she's coming to get her lashes re-done so of course that drew my attention to her lashes, (which were gorg by the way). So i'm thinking maybe I should try this, I barely have lashes and mascara only helps a little so why not.

Fast forward about 2 weeks i'm sitting in the chair getting my lashes done and they look gorg! Im all excited because they look so cute but as soon as I get in my car my eyes start feeling heavy and I have to consciously hold my eyes open so I could see. Needless to say they were obstructing my vision and just all around aggravating me. I couldn't wait to take them off but I had things to do that day so I decided to bear the discomfort for beauty. So 36 hours and countless tears later i'm sitting in my bathroom trying to take the damn things off and they wont budge. I'm surrounded by baby oil, vaseline, and eyelash remover oh also Q-tips and an eyeliner brush trying to get the freakin things off! Finally after about 3 hours the first lash comes off yesss! Oh i had individuals by the way not the strips so anyway the first lash gave me hope...after about 2 hours and a lot of rubbing on the underside of my eyelid they were all off! My eyes were so irritated I didn't even wear mascara for a few days afterward.

I can't say I would never wear lashes again but they will definitely be done with some easily removable adhesive and shorter lashes (baby steps). Oh and it will be a long time before I try them again, my eyes are still watering from all those chemicals. Hope this helps those that haven't tried lashes or was just amusing to those that wear them often. At any rate. Ttyl!