Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Loco for Coconut

To all my readers who suffer from dry skin, I have found relief in an unexpected place-coconut oil. Now I am not new to coconut oil as I use this for my hand made lip balms and lip scrubs but I never thought to use it on my skin. One day while I was in Whole Foods looking for a few other oils one of the employees started telling me about the different oils you can use on your skin and Coconut Oil was top on her list. After hearing this I decided to go home and try it. Let me tell you I was pleasantly surprised. Now to give you a little background I have suffered with eczema since childhood and that condition causes my skin to be dry and literally suck up moisture. With that said I am on an ongoing search for the best moisturizer. Enter...The Coconut Oil...

I kid you not, I have to apply this only once after bath or shower and 24 hours later skin is still soft. If you suffer from dry skin this may be your product. The great news is that it's good for skin care, hair care and cooking! Love this stuff. I bought mine from Whole Foods but you can purchase Natures Way brand online for a little bit cheaper (wish I would have known that) but it was worth every penny.

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