Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shellac My Nails Please

So I went to the nail shop to get my usual mani and my manicurist suggested I try the Shellac polish. I had never heard of it but she told me it would look better on my nails since I was removing my acrylic nails (which I hate and dont know why i even got them). The cost was twice as much as a regular manicure but, since she said it wouldn't look all bumpy and ridgy, you know like it does when you remove those acrylic nails, then I decided to give it a try.

When I tell you I was amazed! Glossy and Flawless. It was far more than just a smooth look it also didn't come off when I bump my fingers on something which it never fails I always do after a manicure. It was dry immediately after the last step which was the application of the alcohol sprayed onto the nails. Total time was maybe 15 minutes total from beggining to end of the polish time and dry time. I have hit my nails so many times on so many things since I got it done and I don't have not a scratch or chip anywhere on any of my nails. There is nothing I don't like about it well except the price which really is not that bad i'm just very...frugal. Regardless, I will be getting this whenever it's manicure time and I want polish on my nails.

This product has been around since 2010 who knew? Certainly not me. If you're behind the times like I was click here to view the CND site and read all about Shellac! If you already knew about this...why didn't you tell me?? Until next time!


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