Monday, July 4, 2011

Eyebrows: Favorite Tutorials and Giveaway {Closed}

I think everyone can agree that having the perfect brow takes your look a long way. You can wear no makeup and have freshly groomed brows and a little mascara and you still look great. On the other hand you can have a beautiful makeup look and if your brows aren't clean, it will throw your whole look off. I have had a long journey with trying to perfect my brow look and I think I am at peace with the way I do my brows for now. I just use a pencil to fill them in where it's needed and a little concealer to clean up the edges and i'm done.

There are different mediums you can use to perfect your brow look like pencils, brow powder, brow pens and brow gels. Pencils are good if you already have thick brows and you just need to fill in gaps here and there. If you have a bit thinner brow you may want to try a powder to give them definition and shape. Brow gels are used to hold the brow in place they come in clear or tinted. I'm not too familiar with brow pens, after some research it appears they do the same thing as the pencils you just have to be sure to use extremely light strokes when applying to avoid a harsh look.

Try and avoid drawing a straight line for eyebrows or making an unnaturally high arch if it's not in line with the natural shape of your brow. It's also good to remember that, as a makeup artist stated at a seminar I attended, your brows should be sisters not twins. They shouldn't look identical just's two of my favorite videos that helped me on my quest for the perfect brow I took a few tips from each video. Hope this helps!


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Good Luck! 


  1. Thanks for the info as always very informational and helpful especially persons whom have issues with getting the brows just right =)

  2. Great blog and yes I agree that a nice brow can make your face look absolutely great!!!