Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Product: Nuance by Salma Hayek

Hey sweeties! On one of my many trips to CVS I purchased a few items from Salma Hayek's makeup line Nuance. This 100 piece cosmetic line is exclusively with CVS. Nuance was scheduled for release this month but it was actually in CVS stores abt a week sooner. I know this because I'm a CVS addict I shop there at least twice a week sometimes more. Anywho! I purchased 4 items from the new makeup line. I purchased them a few days ago but I wanted to wear them a bit so I could give u an honest review. Below is each product I purchased and what I thought about it:

Flawless Coverage Mineral Foundation in Deep 240-it gave decent coverage and went on evenly and matched my skin tone perfectly. Also stayed on all day and did not rub off on my fingers or clothes.

 Flawless Wear Tinted Moisturizer in Deep 265-also gave decent coverage, if you have dark spots on your face you may want to use a little concealer after applying but I used the mineral foundation on top of it and it gave medium coverage. It also really moisturizes, I am normally not a fan of TM because it never moisturizes my skin it normally goes on a little rough and my skin is still dry but this product actually moisturized my skin as it claims to. So far best TM I've ever used.

Moisturizer Blended In

Smooth Start Skin Primer-very good primer, my makeup stayed on all day with no running and goes on smooth.

Perfect Lips Lip Quad in Cool- lip colors include Pinkberry and Merlot which are cream lipsticks and Sheer Ice and Rose Shimmer which are shimmer glosses. Love the cream lipsticks they have a nice pigment to them and are moisturizing. The shimmer glosses were a bit dry I had to apply a lot for it to actually get a "glossy" look. The lip quad is like a little flower it's so cute!

Closed Lip Quad

Overall good quality products for drugstore prices. The only problem, for my darker skinned divas, is the paper bag problem that we come across often with a lot of drug store brands. I really didn't think the darkest color was going to be dark enough for me but it blended well with my skin. Would I buy again? The face primer definitely, the other products probably not. To read more about Salma Hayek and her new product line click here. Hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you have tried some of the products or if you plan on it..feel free to leave comments. Until next time :)


  1. Hey! can you tell me how the FLAWLESS COVERAGE MINERAL FOUNDATION worked on your skin? Like did it irritate it? because I usually stay away from powders because they don't do anything for my skin.

  2. Hey Chantel! I used it over the tinted moisturizer and it worked great. No creasing and no dryness. No it didn't irritate my skin at all. It didn't give much coverage though but if you don't have a lot of skin discoloration then it should work fine.